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Anywhere You Are: Group Healing Services for the Workplace

By: Jennifer Much 

The new year is upon us and while we welcome this magnificent change with open arms, we are quick to become focused yet again on packed schedules, busy careers, and powering through the week unscathed.

And yes, of course, you can't forget the traditional practice of making resolutions. You know, things like eating healthier, drinking less coffee (does anyone actually accomplish this?), procrastinating less and beyond. Let's put that aside for a moment because there is an even better goal for you this year: employing self care practices in the workplace, or truly, anywhere you are!

According to the American Institute of Stress, an astonishing 83% of workers say they suffer from a higher degree of work-related stress. We all know what stress can do to our bodies - cause weight gain, disrupt digestion, impact hormone balance and lead to burnout. Let us help your team combat all of them with two outstanding service options: group yoga and chair massages!

Book a Group Yoga Session
One of the most amazing parts about yoga is that it can be practiced from virtually anywhere! Let's pause our day to seek out a comfortable space to stretch. Even a few moments of relaxation can negate negativity, redirect your day and blissfully inspire you to find your center. 

Inviting your colleagues to join you on this calming journey is selflessly beneficial. Bringing everyone together can establish a foundation that welcomes a positive mood into the workplace. This experience is still internally personal and gives individuals an opportunity be mindful, and to destress in a mentally-private way.

How It Works:
Choose a day for your team to set aside time for a soothing yoga session. The moves will be universal and gentle and are perfect for all levels of flexibility or experience. Select a quiet space within your workplace, yogis - Jamie will take care of the rest!

Treat Tired Muscles via Massage
Clocking in long hours at a desk or engaging in jarring or repetitive movements can cause muscle fatigue. Quite often, many individuals who have sedentary jobs also have poor posture while working which can lead to muscle strain, cramps, and stiffness. (Accountants, it's tax season, we're talking to you!)

Just as it's important to facilitate blood flow to our muscles, massage therapy can help prevent pain and injury. The best part, though, is that it is relaxing and gives our minds time to rest too. Many notice that with massage, their breathing patterns change and they become more aware of their bodies and surroundings. These are both vital components to successfully lowering stress.

How It Works:
This service can fit seamlessly into the workday! Once a date is booked, Jamie will bring along a travel massage chair and individuals can then reserve a time slot for their massage. As an experienced professional, Jamie works to tailor the massage to each client and maintains open communication about their preferences and comfort level.

(Fun fact: 100% of workers who receive a massage admit to feeling relaxed - these are our first-hand findings, but muscles don't lie!)

Ready to Relax?
If you're a business owner or in charge of a group, you can book your session online or by contacting Jamie directly. Jamie is personally available for half day service for both yoga and chair massages.

There is no extra charge for travel to workplaces or groups within the Algoma area. Those outside that area are welcome to book but will incur a small additional travel charge. 

Both groups and teams in the workplace can benefit from these relaxing services, which are available all-year-round. Plus, we will let you in on a little secret: yoga is love, massages are tranquil, and happy employees have bosses who book time for both!

To schedule, call Jamie at (920) 255-0776 or book online at Congratulations on keeping one of the BEST resolutions, ever!
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