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Mind, Body & Thankfulness: Affirming Gratitude from Within

By: Jennifer Much

While the leaves are starting to fall from their branches, it's a subtle visual reminder that change happens all around us. This cycle is a connective process like what we feel within our bodies that leads to new beginnings.

As we inch towards Thanksgiving, there is no better time to pause and to focus on gratitude. Taking a few moments each day to honor our bodies is equally important as taking time to appreciate those around us.

Through yoga, meditation, and massage, we are swept momentarily into a beautiful and fulfilling motion of praise. Let's affirm worthiness and celebrate thankfulness in our journeys!

A Mindful Reset
Busy schedules and upcoming holiday plans can feel mentally heavy. By penciling in some time in our studio, we can help facilitate opportunities for your mind to rest. Bask in solitude amongst fellow yogis and enter a calming realm of tranquility.

You'll find our class schedule to be your key to relaxation. Classes combine meditation, movement, stretching, and breath. They also help improve your overall health and increase flexibility, too.

Carving out just 30-60 minutes for relaxation can greatly improve your focus, mood, and productivity. It is true when they say we cannot thoroughly give our energy to others if we don't show as much care to ourselves. You are worth it; use this time for you as a gift to your mind.

Mindful Affirmation:
I am worthy of time to care for my mind, leaving behind my busy schedule and worries, even for a few moments. I will emerge with an abundance of positive energy and be ready to take on any challenges in my path once more.

Giving the Body Grace
Our body is a rooted network to our mind and soul. When we are tired or stressed, they cannot cohesively work together well. Instead, give your body some grace and celebrate its achievements. It has carried you this far, leading you through a multitude of celebrations and triumphs each day.

One of the most fulfilling pathways to nourish the body is through movement and solitude. Gentle stretches carefully caresses muscles and relieves pressure built up within while some of our studio experiences promote awareness of our great senses.

The Peter Hess® Sound Massage is a wonderful and wholesome way to care for your body and mind. With the use of Tibetan singing bowls, the session promotes stress reduction, relaxation, and well-being. For the experience, an individual rests upon the massage table while singing bowls are played directly on and above the body. The sound vibrations work to remove energetic blockages and to harmonize the mind and body.

Our bodies can also be reenergized by physical touch. Massage Therapy can help reduce muscle soreness, tension, and can assist in managing pain. Reward your hard working body with an invigorating massage!

Our studio offers a variety of massage options. Swedish massage incorporates light pressure, while therapeutic massage applies a medium amount of muscle manipulation. Opting for a combination of Thai techniques is customizable for each client to meet their specific goals.

Graceful Affirmation:
My body is a unique temple that moves me along stepping stones leading to successes in life. I will cherish and care for every limb, each curve, and the weariest of muscles. I will repay it back with kindness, gratitude, grace, and gentle care.

A Thankful Soul
We often don't stop during our busy days to show gratitude to ourselves. Like a team, our body, mind, and soul comes together to make us who we are. Along with ensuring it is healthy, bestow thankfulness; doing so can change your whole mindset in life.

Quietude is another way to hone in on the needs of our soul. Schedule a private one-on-one yoga session at our studio to intimately tap into yours. Focus on the resounding stillness, converse with your heart, and flourish. Alternatively, invite your closest friend or significant other to accompany you. Those we keep closest to our side blissfully enriches our soul.

Whether you partake in one of our renowned yoga classes or glide into relaxation through massage, you are innately caring for your soul. As we move closer to celebrating Thanksgiving, there is no better time than now to show gratitude to your inner self (of course, a silky piece of Pumpkin Pie hits the soul just right, too!).

Thankful Affirmation:
My soul can sometimes feel tired but I will always encase it in thankfulness. I will provide opportunities for it to grow, heal, and thrive. At the end of the day, I will feel happy and know my life and soul are blessed.

Gratitude from Within Challenge
During this time of Thanksgiving, I challenge you to celebrate your body, mind, and soul. Each week, choose an offering at our studio - a group yoga class, massage therapy, sound massage, Reiki, or private session. Enjoy, honor, and reflect with the following prompts. Say them to yourself like an affirmation or write them in a journal.

  • What am I grateful for this week?

  • Have I shown my soul grace?

  • I am blessed because…

  • My mind needed a reset so I…

  • Yoga has helped my body…

After stretching your muscles and pampering your mind and soul, treat your taste buds to a healthy slice of Pumpkin Pie: Happy Thanksgiving!

To view classes or book a session, please contact Jamie or visit
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