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Yoga with Your Besties: 7 Perks of Private Group Sessions

By: Jennifer Much

It is no secret that many things in life are more fun with our best friends in tow, taking charge of our mind, body and soul are no exception! Private group yoga sessions provide a unique opportunity to connect with our inner self and to deepen the connection with the friends that mean the most.

Whether you've been friends since childhood or met on a whim a decade or so later, friends are cherished parts of our life that help promote our own healing and growth. If you haven't convinced your pals to be your yoga partner yet, you'll want to!

7 Perks of Private Group Yoga

1. You're Surrounded by the Perfect Yoga Partners

In tune to the friend code, you'll never have to exercise alone. Having friends at your side will not only limit anxiety, but it will encourage routine building. Friends are also excellent cheerleaders. They'll motivate you to make time in your schedule, care for your health, and to ditch the couch and hit the mat instead.

2. It Can Boost Your Confidence

Group yoga sessions with your friends provide an important benefit: a confidence boost! Knowing you're in a safe space, free of judgment and worries, can help you focus on the session. Simply put, being in our comfort zone and alongside our friends makes us feel good. Paired with a revitalizing yoga session, the energy flow will be unmatchable.

3. It's a Fun, Healthier Alternative

Forgo the typical carb-packed lunch outing or evening out with pricey drinks for a healthier swap: group yoga! Not only is yoga a soothing, stress-reducing outlet, it's a great, impactful way to spend time with your friends. The session will be lead individuals on an pathway to better health and help to strengthen their bodies, too!

4. Try Powerful Diverse Duo Moves

Imagine the possibilities for new moves when you stretch out with a friend or two. Groups allow everyone to challenge their balance and focus on core strength. There are poses to try that may not be possible solo, like the Bridge and Supported Shoulder Stand, which is unique since it relies on the coordination and support of each individual for it to work.

5. Fitness That Fits Your Schedule

Lives are busy, and sometimes penciling in that weekly class can be difficult. By rounding up a group of friends, finding time in your schedule for a group session can be less tedious and even more rewarding. Scheduling private sessions tends to offer more flexibility all around.

6. Get Valuable Personalized Support

Whether you're an experienced yogi, novice or just an occasional stretcher, booking a private session can give you access to personalized support. The instructor can give one-on-one guidance or instruct the small group, while maintaining a comfortable, and positive flow of energy and serenity.

7. Improve Your Mental Health

Along with your muscles, take care of your heart and soul, too! Yoga instills a deep sense of awareness and an inviting escape. Reel in clarity and reduce stress with the help of your besties. Group yoga also encourages happiness, a markedly reflective opportunity to strengthen your body and friendships.

Book Your Private Group Session

We offer generous options for scheduling small group and private yoga sessions. Whether you are looking to bring a buddy, small group of friends or even go solo - your experience awaits.

A 30-minute private group yoga session is $40 and a 60-minute session is $75. To book, please contact Jamie or make your selection online at

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