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Love & Light: Shifting into Spring with Ayurveda

By: Jennifer Much 

As the weather warms and nature begins to bloom and regreen, it's a gentle reminder that we will shift into a soulful refresh, too. As the Spring Equinox approaches on March 19, there are many energizing things we can introduce into our daily health routines to encompass love and light.

Spring is often seen as the season for new beginnings. We think of flowers, rain, freshness; all elements that manifest the Earth's potential. Even more, aligning with the Kapha Dosha couldn't be more accurate as the Sanskrit word Kapha means “flourishes with water.” Sounds familiar with springtime showers, doesn't it?

Characterized by moisture, softness and celebration of temperature change, shift into spring through the guidance of Ayurveda.

Refresh Your Appetite
As spring arrives, many find themselves experiencing a rather profound change in what they eat. Focus on vibrant, clean nourishment including fruit, fresh vegetables and salads. 

Nosh your way to happiness with these light salad recipes:

Focus on Soothing Self Care
Ayurveda inspires us to think of spring with softness and moisture. This is ever so true for our skin, which has seen the havoc of winter. Pick up a silky, moisturizing lotion to cradle your skin before you start your day. Just as the ground seeks moisture and wetness from the rains of spring, our bodies seek the same.

Adjust clothing to be lighter and tuck away the heavy winter coats. Gear up to spend more time outside and consider intertwining these moments in nature to take notice of the change all around you.

Practice meditation in a beautiful spot by the lake or go hiking through the forest alongside the morning dew. Change is inevitable and everywhere and can translate to your life, too.

Soothing Tips for Spring:
  • Find a moisturizing lotion with a gentle scent you love

  • Exfoliate your skin to refresh post-winter

  • Wake up early to take in the morning dew

  • Meditate and journal daily, it will become a cherished practice

  • Surround yourself with love and light in all that you do

Stretch to a New You
Each year during this time, we encompass growth and revitalization. Yoga can help transform your muscles in the very same way. Through flowy movements and relieving stretches, prepare your body, mind and soul altogether.

In tune with change, we challenge you to prepare for whole body wellness. We can help with your transformation through our yoga, healing and massage services. Join us in the studio for a wholesome stepping stone to spring!

Now is the best time to inspire change in others, too. Introduce a friend to yoga and maneuver this exciting seasonal change together. With our group options, you can surround yourself with both love and light as you welcome in spring, a refreshed mindset, and a renewed body.

More Helpful Ways to Hop Into Spring

For a list of our upcoming events and classes or schedule online, visit or call Jamie at (920) 255-0776. Happy Spring!🌷
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