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Yoga is for Dads, too!

By: Jennifer Much

In celebration of Father's Day, we give a nod to all masculine energy out there, and dad's, it's true, dudes do yoga, too!

Some say yoga is more engaging, challenging and fun than the average gym workout. So drop those weights and grab a mat; yoga has a lot to offer.

Yoga and the Dad Bod

According to a 2023 study conducted by the Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal, 28% of yogis are male. The number of men joining in on classes has been steadily increasing as more discover the outstanding benefits.

Not only does yoga increase flexibility and mobility, but it can help improve your range of motion. The movements also don't require heavy machinery or workout gadgets, which works to prevent injury. With such focus, men are able to focus on their breathing and their sessions tend to increase their overall body awareness.

Studies also show that consistent yoga practice can boost Testosterone levels. This change not only ups confidence levels and inspires better sexual performance, but it yields stronger bones. Further, yoga helps boost the immune system, balance the body and mind and to promote better sleep.

Give the Gift of Yoga

Bestow the men (and dads) in your life with the gift of wellness and amplified masculine energy. Purchase a thoughtful gift certificate for our studio and give dad a gift for his body, mind and soul.

To purchase, visit or contact Jamie.

Happy Father's Day, dudes!

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